Mitt romney would get rid planned parenthood Mitt Romney is doubling down on his commitment to defund Planned Parenthood , telling a reporter in Missouri that he would “get rid of” the. "For me, it all comes down to who I can trust, and who's best for my Radio ad says Mitt Romney wants to "get rid of Planned Parenthood”. Yesterday, Mitt Romney told a local TV reporter in Missouri that he would “get rid of” Planned Parenthood, among other programs, to reduce the. the return of bruce part 1 of 3 Give us a little credit. We have wives and daughters, mothers and sisters, and we have a pretty intimate stake in contraception as well. But whatever we call it, something real mitt romney would get rid planned parenthood going on here at home that would mark a major setback for American women — and the men who love them. On these issues, Mitt Romney is no moderate. On the contrary, he is considerably more extreme than President George W. Bush was. He insists, for example, on cutting off money for cancer screenings conducted by Planned Parenthood. The most toxic issue is abortion, and what matters most for that is Supreme Court appointments. For more facts on Gov. Make no mistake, when it comes to former Massachusetts Gov. The many examples of waffling by Gov. The Republican record includes the all-male congressional panel debating insurance coverage for contraception, 33 attempts to repeal the health reform law and all of its benefits for women, vaginal probes in Virginia, and efforts to defund Planned Parenthood clinics around the country. Throughout the course of the Republican primary and into the general election, Gov. gay porn hookup.

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Mitt Romney told a Missouri television interviewer today that he would end federal funding for Planned Parenthood. In context, he appears to be talking about ending federal funding for the giant health care provider and abortion rights lobby, a position he staked out last fall and a litmus test for anti-abortion activists who have made the group their top target.
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Julie Rovner. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been firmly anti-abortion during this campaign.
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Mitt Romney is doubling down on his commitment to defund Planned Parenthood , telling a reporter in Missouri that he would "get rid of" the country's best-known reproductive health care provider if he were elected president. Planned Parenthood responded to Romney's comments on Tuesday, characterizing them as dangerous and out of step with...
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